An Italian in Vilnius, January 21st (ENG)

So, here we are.

To join my Lithuanian girlfriend I left my my boot-shaped pasta kingdom for the tiny Baltic country named Lietuva.

Disclaimer: I don’t think I am that good in English, I mean: I am not a native speaker. Nonetheless the aim of this blog is to reach the English speakers community, which is widely more considerable than the Italian speakers one and the French speakers one (those are the two other languages I master).

So, here we are.

Prepared the luggage and finally living in the country I’ve been visiting for two years as a sort of tourist. I’ve already been to Trakai Castle (magnificent place, both in winter and in summer), Kaunas (I like so much that place), Palanga and even Nida (Google it, please).
I am deeply convinced Lithuania is not just a stunning country to visit but also a very interesting place for business, where many interesting startups are finding their place in the world.

I hope sometimes we will have the occasion to talk about some of them. But this blog will be so many other things: it will include also my passion for real Italian pizza with crunchy crust, well garnished, and many easy-to-do ways to make the pizza-making enjoyable. This comes from my previous wonderful job experience for a great company which aims to be the best wood-fired oven manufacturer in the world, Alfa Pizza.

So, here we are, I arrived safe and sound, from almost one month. I can present myself in Lithuanian and feel really cold just when temperatures goes down -10.


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