A couple of things about Sales as a fresh graduate

Being a fresh graduate and owning a Master in Global Business Development, gained at Ice (the Italian Trade Agency), I can now look back to the year who passed by.

For seven months I worked for Alfa1977, a great firm located a hundred kilometers south of Rome.

As time really flies, it would be impossible for me now to recollect and then present the whole incredible number of skills and approaches I learnt there.

Nonetheless two are the most important lesson I believe I have gained from this experience and I am convinced it might be useful to share them with the Linkedin community.

1. A job in Sales is a great first job

Start dealing with a precise, high-motivation routine, brings you directly from your bed into what we call Corporate Culture. Being exposed since the really beginning to an unfiltered communication gives you the priceless opportunity to meet, accordingly to the W. Edward Deming quote, the most important part of the production process: the consumer. Listening directly to his need makes you shape yourself as a devote customer-centric, which is quite a nice present for someone aiming to deal with nowadays economy.

2. You’re never really done for as long as you’ve got a good story and someone to tell it to. 900, A. Baricco

Great companies, it does not matter how tiny or huge they are, are always wonderful story-tellers. I had the chance to collaborate with one of them. Working at Alfa I suddenly perceived what a brand is, a way out better than tons of books could ever explain it. What lays behind the Alfa1977 storytelling is the ambition to bring the traditional wood-fired oven culture into modernity. This simple statement is fiercely supported from the real company engine: an overwhelming dose of passion (which is contagious, though).

I would recommend a similar experience to all my colleagues who are in search of a better understanding of themselves (whatever their field is). Sales will make you dive dramatically in corporate culture and you will come out of it stronger and more confident about yourself.

Now it comes the time to move further, the best is yet to come.

Currently I am in Lithuania. If you liked the post, and you really want to know what happens next, I would advise you to follow me on Linkedin, or at this blog.

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