Three things happened since I have arrived

A couple of weeks has passed since my last post on Proiettag.

Many things happened to me. As my Lithuanian time goes by so fast I thought this could be the time for a brief check.

1. I started working for Barclays, a real key-player in Lithuanian business community. I am so proud of it. My very first impression is that amazing and hard challenges are waiting for me. I will probably come back later on to the point, for the moment: know that I am very happy about it if it is still not clear.

2. I bought a pizza oven (and tried it today). Betraying my dear Alfa (just because of a temporary lack of space), I opted for the best electric solution on the market and I bought a G3 Ferrari. It is maybe too much early to say it but it seems that on the pizza side I will not miss Italy so much.

3. I started a Lithuanian course in a foreigners class. This language is basically a mess. Even though I am not a total beginner and my Latin class, back in high school time, happens to be useful, so long will be the path to achieve the Holy Grail of being a “fluent speaker”. I cannot discuss about a theater piece, but at least I am able to get what happens around better than before and I can present my family, as well.

Since at the moment I am quite busy as you can see, I thought it may be interesting for you to find a couple of articles about what’s going on in Lithuania. I took part to the two main events during the last days: Užgavėnės, and the Saint Casimir Fair.

To the next, proiettag

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