How to make a more-than-average pizza abroad when you are Italian and your benchmark lies in clouds

When I packed my things to join Lithuania my main concern – not to speak about being worried about job, ignoring local language (ok, aš truputį kalbu), migrating to a country with totally different weather, totally new, fearing burocracy– was the possibility to find an emergency pizza, available in a range of 1 kilometer from my position on Google Maps.

I do have to admit that Vilnius has great food and a quite wide range of possibilities, including the adorable local cuisine (verske apkapas is my fav), for a curious and brave expat like me. In the main square of Kaunas (where you can easily go by train from Vilnius), for example, I warmly recommend Sushi Express. If you feel like to go for the classics, I warmly recommend Spurgine, on Laisvės alėja, an old-fashoned bar baking fried spurgas (pardon, donuts) like there is no tomorrow (disclaimer for Italian: deal with the name).

The point is that:
– I live in Vilnius;
– Even if I am not the typical italo-centric Italian type (or I just suppose to be) and I can gladly knot at creepy pasta or whatever human wit would ever conceive to be a dish, I definitely cannot recede from my unbearable pizza patriotism.

Aimed from a sincere will to find what I was looking for I dropped in at Pizza Verde, on Kalvarijų Street (quite metaphorical, isn’t it?), and suddenly understood this country gives me all the opportunities to grow as a person and to steadily settle down. Testing my brief past experience at Alfa, I ended up chatting about ovens and flour with the young owner who, fascinated from Napolitan pizza, tried successfully to reproduce all the conditions which naturally give birth to the secular miracle called pizza napoletana.

After a stunning and delicious Margherita I came back home safe and sound, deeply convinced that nostalgia would be far enough. As I previously announced this sensation lasted less than a couple of weeks, when my friend Ferrari G3 came to visit. Having this incredible oven at home means the concrete possibility, with a narrow range of skills, to arrange a definitely-not-so-bad pizza when I am starving, Pizza Verde is far, Čili Pizza ask a minimum order of 12 euros to take a 50cm Hawai pizza before my door and I am lazy, poor and did I already mention I am starving like a nomad who lived his last months eating roots?

The result was: TADAN!

pizza blog

So, this was my first attempt plus some cool filters (nobody knows if one day I will turn an). Five other pizza nights followed and later on I will give to the world some of my own personal tricks about the most beloved pie in the world.

Few updates before leaving you all to the next adventure: I discovered my best friend Océane has a fantastic cultural blog in French, in the last week I got so bad I finally got better and finally: spring started! And today it was snowing.

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