One year, One Kindle 4: How much and what I have read during the last year

Some months ago I had my first One year birthday in Lithuania. Since I arrived here I challenged myself and told I would only use my good old Kindle, in order to keep a track of what i read since I have arrived in Lithuania.

The challenge did not came alone. I also wanted to boost my english skills and decided to go mostly for books in English. As 21st of January passed, I started delving into the list of books I have read and here it is the list I have come up with (and some ratings, novels excluded):

Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street / John Brooks 8 (Xerox business case is a must read)

Contagious: Why things catch on / Jonah Berger 8 (The Author dissects what is behind popularity, a pretty good marketing book)

The Tipping Point / Malcolm Gladwell (From history of medicine to public housing in NY, all packed with a fair set of data and written in brilliant style: a peculiar point of view on Marketing mechanism)

Growth Hacker Marketing / Ryan Holiday 9 (When Data meets Marketing and Hackers hack Marketing something new pops up; better keep an eye on Growth Hacking – in Italy there is a frenzy around this topic and recently Raffaele Gaito published a very interesting book about it, for Italian Audience)

Zero to One / Peter Thiel 7 (The guy who put the money in Facebook before it was cool focus on the hardest part: making it)

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life / Walter Isaacson 8 (you could not know it but Benjamin Franklin had an adventourous life starting from scratch, worth to read. Isaacson is the Author of Steve Jobs authorized biography )

Post Office / Charles Bukowski (fun fact: in italian)

Einstein / Walter Isaacson 8 (Life&Thoughts of Albert Einstein)

The Lean Startup / Eric Ries 9 (You can read behind the book there is a former software engineer, the book material could have been shortened, hence the book should have had lower ratings, however the value of some concepts is overwhelming and this book is worth a read if you want to launch anything (like that old blog idea you had)

“Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious Character, Richard Philips 10 (Proiettag Book Prize goes to this book, there would be hardly ever a comment worthier reading than the book itself.

Lean In / Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s Head of Operations talks about Feminism and Corporate life seen from the inside, taking the reader through a very intimate journey through the apparently common though hard challenges of its protagonist) 7.5

The Judge and his Hangman (Der Richter und sein Henker) / Friedrich Dürrenmatt ‘ – a philosophical tale for enthusiasts of philosophy rather than detective fiction, even though technically a classical crime story 7.5

Coders at Work / Peter Siebel – Apart from technicalities this is a book about passion and love. I do believe many non programmers should definitely give this book a try. There is nothing more inspirational then reading about people with a sincere vocation talking about what they love. Moreover there was some curiosity left about programming after having read it and this was absolutely beneficial. 9

Outliers / Malcolm Gladwell – Malcolm Gladwell, with his catchy prose and the right data set, tries to answer the good old question “What determines success in life?” What comes out is a quite interesting book. The answer  may be quite simple (what we are, where we are, when we are) but the journey that leads there is a nice walk. 7.5

The Hard Thing About Hard Things / Ben Horowitz – 7

Bartleby the Scrivener / Herman Melville (fun fact number two, in italian)

It is 1.3 book per month and I am quite upset as I fixed the bar on 2 books per month but I will try to keep a track the next year too and to dedicate more time to reading. I have noticed something quite obvious keeping track of what I read: we enjoy reading when we read something we enjoy. Ok, it may seem a mere tautology (it is), but what I am saying is that if you encountered this blog, I would be thankful if you could comment with reading suggestions if this list sounds to you familiar.

Reading is definitely Social Media before it was cool, this meaning that if paper books would have back-end developers behind, it would be possible to adjust the algorithm of our readings until the point to have the perfectly filled reading-list for the years coming. It may seem blackmirroresque but this could lead to the best book we have ever read: a book explicitely written for us to read it.

Since the future is still not so bright I would come on point with my primary request: any hints accepted!

Small note: I have linked where to find the quoted books on Amazon and I have rated and commented just titles which I though it may be useful to comment for this list.

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