These Are a Few of My Favorite Things #1

For the first time in my life, yesterday,  I watched “The Sound of Music” (shame on me!). To my surprise I finally came to discover the famous Coltrane piece, now become a jazz standard, was taken from the musical the movie was based on (and not vice versa).

Long time ago I had this idea of packing few interesting content to watch and post it here. Now that I have a title for it and content as well, I have decided to go for the first two things that I have particularly enjoyed during last weeks and I hope you will enjoy them too!

This Spike Jonze Apple Commercial, I mean, just give it 4 minutes of your life

The story of a guy (Scott H. Youg) who has attended all the free MIT 4-years curriculum in Computer Science online and made it (Yes, it’s possible, he was even asked to work for a big Tech company thereafter)

To the next!

P.S.: Navigating on his blog I have found this fantastic idea (called 30 days to success) and if you are looking forward to take on new challenges, it is definitely worth a read.

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