How to Become Better at Blogging

This blogging thing is having a great impact on me and it is becoming a fantastic way to track all the activities I am working on in parallel.

I have paired the 30 days challenge method  with things that I wanted to understand.  Currently working on learning how to use R and having a better understanding of AI, I was reading Raffaele Gaito’s blog when I bumped into this section of his site recommending several learning online courses on a wide range of topics (such as marketing, business, design and so on). Thanks to Raffaele Gaito, probably one within the main expert in Growth Hacking in Italy, I discovered things like Ryan Holiday, so I thought the section was worth a check.

Turned out that was a good idea, since the most important content I have recently discovered is made by the 12 lessons on blogging I found there (and you can find here). Once having subscribed to the newsletter, the course will come in 12 nicely packaged mails delivered on a daily basis.
What I enjoyed the most is how the main ideas behind the course are framed, meaning that the whole newsletter ended up being for me a great lesson on how to make a newsletter and to communicate effectively through this specific tool.

Everyday you will be reading under a thousand words on how to improve blogging with so much content that there will be no space left for hot air (and God only knows how this quality is precious for any web content). I would recommend it especially to people considering the idea of starting a personal blog.

In case you would like to follow my posts further or to discuss anything with me (ok, almost anything) feel free to follow me on Linkedin or to send me an email on, nobody knows what could come out of it!

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