Drop Your Kindle in Water and You Will Discover

I know, the title may be misleading and so is this story.

In Lithuania, as I have discussed earlier on this blog, I kept being a reader.

Most of the time the choice fell on my old rusty Kindle 4 I had revived just before coming to Lithuania. This allowed me to read plenty of prose in English and even in French, so that my reading habits were left untouched by migrating in a country I still didn’t know so well.

Those days came to an end when entering the bathroom I accidentally dropped my precious friend into a bucket full of water.

After having tried to fix it in Vilnius, I understood the only way to sort this out will be to  upgrade.

As counter-intuitive as it  may sound, dropping accidentally my faithful e-reader in a stupid bucket of water that should not have been in bathroom, turned out to lead to one within the greatest recent discoveries I have made this year.

I suddenly turned to a French novel but it didn’t stick on me, so I downloaded Google Podcast and suddenly discovered an entire world was waiting for me.

More than having improved the quality of time I spent on the internet, podcasts gave me loads of useful ideas on how to improve in several aspects of life. As banal as it may sound, having someone discussing something interesting into your ears can be much more fulfilling than scrolling your Facebook news feed, mostly because it can bring concrete insights, actionable from one day to another.

The Power of all of this was so surprising for me I decided to post here 3 podcasts I have particularly enjoyed listening during the last month:

1) The Talent Bay (in Italian)
Valerio Russo is deeply passionate into Personal Development. Spending longtime in his car Valerio decides to fill this time with something meaningful.  His life gets changed.
In this fantastic podcast he brings to light many different success stories.
Being an executive myself at the moment, I found the episode with Davide Cervellin, author of Office of Cards (published in English), to be truly inspiring.

2) On revient sur… (in French)
Listening to Gaël Chatelain feels like sitting near an experienced executive, being mentored about how to dive into daily life problems. The ability with which he dissects and analyze  every single aspects of corporate life is self-evident. If you are searching for resources on how to improve your life in the corporate world (and speak French) you should definitely give it a try.

3) The Art of Charm (in English)
I came to know this podcast since it was quoted during one episode of The Talent Bay as one within the podcasts that inspired Valerio. It appears to be fully focused on personal development and I particularly enjoyed the episode with Simon Sinek (the man behind the Golden Circle and a popular video on Millenials) and mainly realized that podcasts are a thing and not since this post was published.

Waiting for my birthday (and hopefully a new Kindle) I am discovering and listening to many other podcasts and audiobooks too. I would recommend Google Podcast for its being so lean an easy to use if you are thinking to give it a start.

If you have any idea or podcast to suggest me, please go ahead. In case you would like to follow my posts further or to discuss anything with me (ok, almost anything) feel free to follow me on Linkedin or to send me an email on prtg.blog@gmail.com, nobody knows what could come out of it!

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