Who is Seth Godin and Why Should You Know Him

Reading Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin, was so illuminating I decided I would evangelize other readers and possibly get to know better his author.

Seth Godin is a Marketing Guru (even though the word gets often inflated) and the reason why this is so can be found into this very well crafted article.

After Linchpin I have read probably one within his most popular books, then started following his blog and finally his last podcast show.

Marco Montemagno, a famous Italian digital entrepreneur, roughly said:

“[Seth Godin] says the same stuff from 30 years but he says it well!”

After having plunged into this phenomenal thinker I have come to the same conclusion. The point is that how well he articulates those concepts makes the whole experience somehow addictive.

The futuristic idea of society he depicts (probably not longer so futuristic), the brutality and wit he utilizes to undermine the current shape of our society is so much disruptive that a post, from a modest reader and admirer was the least possible action I could undertake.

I would recommend a pinch of Seth Godin to everybody who is currently searching for new ideas and unexpected point of views (as I am).  His last book ended in my reading list and I can’t wait to dive into it seeking for new powerful ideas.

If you still doubt about my suggestion, just give a look at this fantastic marketing lesson

And, if you are still here at this point, wondering if you can have more of this, please listen to this truly amazing long talk with Tim Ferriss.

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