Two Little Things That Have Changed My Mind

Ok, I got it, you don’t have time for this.

But do you have a couple of minutes?

Ok, ok, ok. Just One will be enough!

I decided to squeeze here 2 amazing ideas for you to make the most out of this minute (should take even less).

1- 1000 True Fans


Kevin Kelly firstly came out with this concept in 2008, on his blog. The idea breaks down the concept of making a living out of any creative activity. Having said so, to make a living you need a given amount of money. Break it for 100 person along one year and you have a given amount a given person should give into your hands to make the thing going. You don’t need any more money. The idea that you could theoretically make a living out of your art playing out with the numbers above suddenly sounds appealing and you may start thinking to that good old secret wish of you.


2 – 30 days challenges


The real answer to the question “How to build habits?”.
The short answer is: slowly.
The long one is here
Basically the idea is that, since building a new habit or killing an old one seems to be very difficult at the beginning, this fear may keep us far from sticking to the new routine. Simple, no?
Then, we should, again, break down the problem and look at it differently. What if, instead of committing forever, you could conceive committing for 30 days? This seems to be much easier that forever and could lead you to analyze backwards what this change brought to your life (and still come back to the old times). I’ve hacked this concept myself in terms of timespan, test it and I should say this principle turned out to be very effective (and fun).

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