Two Best Vilnius Bakeries I Always End up Going to [2019]

Everybody knows I have a crush on French culture.

I praise them for their language, secretly hoping they will invade us all one day.

If I should pick, like I had a gun on my head, the one and only thing French people would deserve to be praised for, well that would be – no way – their widely famous pâtissierie.

Bakeries, in France, make art every day. 

If you wonder what the most beautiful thing one could ever experience in his life (ok, it’s on the list), well, just bump into a French Bakery and grab a croissant, you’ll thank me later.

Luckily enough bakery plays a crucial part in almost every culture around the globe. Day one: wheel discovered, day two: you can move people on four of them. One day is fire, another is baguette.

Last time a famous French person came here it did not go well for him, but apparently something was meant to stay here for a couple of century for us to taste it, right after. I was literally petrified when, just few meters far from the place where I work I bumped into a real baguette.

Mindaugo Kepykla


This place has two invaluable assets to:
1) It is here;
2) It offers a small number of French viennoiseries classics in Vilnius. There are croissants and pains au chocolat, not to forget bread, just behind the counter. It is there I have seen a properly made baguette and stared at it for a while.
If you are searching for the French experience but you cannot afford plane tickets, than bus tickets (1, 7 but also 4G and a little walk) will do the job.

Biržų duona


This one is a different story.
This is all about Lithuanian bakery.
Since we are in Lithuania you may think this is quite common, which is not.
Tasting their skarelės, which literally translates into foulards, took me right back in a French Bakery, the first time I tasted a pain au chocolat, in France. This small dough-made scarf, filled with ricotta cheese and raspberry jam would end up being the only and one reason why every Vilnian should come here.
Apart from that, Biržų duona makes many types of black bread, which is a must of Lithuanian culture (will talk about it later, promised).
My favorite spot is their bakery here. If you don’t feel like eating, then just bring home their granola and have a nice Sunday breakfast the morning after (no need to thank me for that).

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