Hacking Lithuanian Language Through Podcasts [+ Bonus]

I was stuck (we all are, at a certain point).

I had joined a level that allowed me to have a colloquial conversation about everyday life, in Lithuanian.

At that point I mentally laid down on a couch, turned on the tv and started relying too much on my acquired skills.

I was not fully content with it and kept saying I would do something to come back to my desk and study.

Luckily enough, the solution was just around the corner and if you feel you are stuck and want to boost your knowledge of this language, just sit down, grab your earphones, a pen and a notebook.

I’ve discussed earlier on this blog about my totally casual encounter with the world of podcasts.

Out of the blue, a couple of weeks ago, I typed in Google Podcast the word “Lithuanian”, and discovered Real Lithuanian. 22 episodes, so far, together with their full transcript available on their site both in Lithuanian and in English.

I remember that listening the first episode (linked above) while having a walk made me realize, for the first time, that I speak Lithuanian.

It is extremely pleasant that in every episode almost all difficult words are explained and if you are somewhere between A2 and B1 and would like to reinforce the building, this tool could be definitely the right one to make it happen!

Hope you will find this podcast and I would be glad if this could help you to move further in learning this beautiful language. Recently I have come to struggle with Lithuanian declensions (who doesn’t?) and have found this little paper that perfectly sums it up (you can pass it, if you wish, to that language geek friend you have). Baol is on Facebook and planning a trip Mars (your help would be much appreciated)!

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