THE Best Place Where to Eat Pizza in Vilnius (2019)

I rarely use capital letters but time has come for me to do so.

Last week I have eaten the best Vilnius pizza and I am here to say to you where you can taste it. When I wrote about my 5 best pizza spots in Vilnius, I suddenly posted the article in a Facebook group dedicated to Italians living in Vilnius.

Putting together pizza and Italians turned out to be a successful match, since a big discussion started coming out and many commented suggesting me to try out the pizzeria who turned out to make the best Vilnius pizza.

Last week, out of the blue, I happened to walk in Užupis, arguably the most charming neighbourhood in Vilnius. It was late, we already had dinner but a certain scent literally conquered us.

It is the slightly burnt dough scent one can easily encounter when entering almost any Italian pizzeria where a wood-fired oven is.

We stood in front of the door few minutes waiting for a table to be free.

I took the so called “Quattro stagioni” and it was a true blast.

Apart from being gorgeous, there would be no better words to describe the whole experience than the following: that was the best pizza I have ever eaten in Vilnius.

After finishing I looked around, just some minutes after the late Lithuanian summer sunset.

Bikes everywhere, people around, the city resting before the night begins.

Food is not just about food: if you are here, you may agree.

Thanks Užupio picerija for the amazing experience and all the emotions concealed under your wonderful pizza pies.

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