Just 3 Lithuanian Songs

When I decided to learn a Lithuanian song and participate to the event I have talked about earlier on the choice was not an easy one.

I had to balance the will to do something difficult and new to the feasibility of singing decently in Lithuanian and fi nding a song that would suit me.

This process, oddly enough, led me to reaize there are pleanty of songs here to be discovered (included the one I finally picked) and I decided to list here the ones who did not make it to the stage.

Meile, tu

Both lyrics and music are simple and beautiful. Technically this is a great song for a beginner in Lithuanian language. It is also very romantic and meaningful to me for reasons that should stay out of this blog. If you can play guitar, here you go.

Dangus Tau Dovanojo Aukštį

This song may sound to you extremely epic and old fashioned. What I felt when I first listened to it was that I wanted to sing it. Many metaphors and images are scattered all around the song and probably it was too much long for me but I like how the chorus arises and I found myself trying to sing it often.


Finally, discovering Lithuanian music was for me a fantastic occasion to meet with Vytautas Kernagis works. On Youtube there is a beautiful concert with his band “Dainos Teatras”: the same place where I found the song I finally picked.

I know what you are thinking.

Naturally there is Lithuanian contemporary music (and it’s amazing). Just follow them and you will happen to listen many beautiful things.

In Italy (where I am spending those days) I am trying to perfect my Italian (searching hidden words I once knew), travelling with my family and meeting with good old friends. Thanks to a beautiful crowd of human beings I found time for shooting a mockumentary with an old crew of videomaker I liked to hang around with when I was living here and I may be talking about it later on. I think a lot about a future profeasional adventure I am up to start soon and I cannot wait to talk about it more (soon!).

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