A Couple of Things About Having Holidays in Gaeta

Those days are special to me.

I happened to become the Godfather of my best friend’s son, to be composing an anthem for a newly created local football team (still ongoing) and to shoot a documentary with some dear friends.

The cherry on the pie is seeing my little daughter being acquainted with the Italian side of our family for the first time ever.

Apart of that, I found myself running out of topic for this blog and my wife’s suggestion was truly inspiring to get this thing going.

I spent part of my holidays in a fabulous place, 100 km south of Rone, named Gaeta.

The latin author Virgilius wrote the epic poem behind the foundation of Rome (vii.1–9, Aeneid) and in it claimed that this place was named after the Aeneas’ wet nurse (supposedly buried there by the hero himself).

If you happen to fly to Rome, rent a car and be headed to this marvellous place, there is a couple of things you should not miss.


If you follow Baol, you may be acquainted with the author’s passion for pizza and her relatives. Tiella is part of the family, as well. This pizza-pie dough is stuffes with specific ingredients (stuffed octopus or escarole and olives being the most traditional ones) and gets cooked as pie. If you happen to go in Gaeta and casually bump into a pizzeria, ask for a slice of Tiella and you will not regret it.

Santuario della Montagna spaccata

Legend says the mountain cracked when Jesus died. Going down into the rock wound brings you in a very spiritual place, where the sight is entirely dominated by a deep blue sea. Climbing up apparently there are even pathways that surround Monte Orlando, where one cal walk and enjoy the bay from different points of view.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and I wish you to spend your holidays in a beautiful place too. Baol is on Facebook and Linkedin too!


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