There’s a Beautiful Czech Expression…

Oddly enough, the day before I started my new job at Elsis, I received a package arriving from Czech Republic.

It was from a person I have worked with, especially during my last year in Barclays.

Last year has brought many beautiful things in my life and I feel I grew up faster than ever.

It was a period plenty of challenges and discoveries about myself, many of them bringing me to follow the path I am happily walking on.

The colorful package included a box of chocolates from Prague, named “Modré z nebe” and a great letter.

“Modré z nebe” (literally “Blue from Heaven”) expresses one’s will to make everything possible for another person.

Those words wanted to describe what I did for her during the last year and this pleased me enormously, mostly because, as banal as it may sound, I literally thought I was just doing my job.

I sat on a branch, looked at the river flowing, many things happening inside of me.

The last year I was searching for my true self many times.

Apparently I was always there.

I closed a book and opened another one that will bring many beautiful things. There will be place and time to talk more about it and I am thrilled to do so (SOON). 


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