Buongiorno San Paolo: Italians Living Abroad Making Great Podcasts!

Schools make strong bounds.

In 2012 our master class counted a small group of students, so I met Alessandro quite easily.

He is from Tuscany and apparently we then followed a very similar path.

We both attended a master in Export Management held by the Italian Agency for International Trade.

After that Alessandro started working in Brazil for an Italian company.

Asking for quotations to deliver his goods he had on phone one of his course classmates (Federico): they were both living in Brazil, it was Carnival time, they were both Italians and so they started hanging out.

One day they had this fabulous idea of co-hosting a show called Buongiorno San Paolo (Good morning São Paulo, named after the city they were both living in).

They are around their sixtieth episode when I get into podcasting and Lithuania, so we start talking and here is the thing.

Here is what “schools make strong bounds” stays for: we start talking like if we left the door of our university yesterday morning.

Alessandro has a fantastic sense of humor and his jokes remained untouched after 7 years or so (they probably got a little improved though). It is a true pleasure asking him to record you a message in order to fit with an article you will make about him on your blog and laughing alone with your earphones for 7 minutes (yes, Italians love long audio messages on Whatsapp).

I was hosting my own radio show in Italy (I am a little radio freak) and I am thinking longtime (maybe too much) about doing it again here. This idea needs to be cooked very slowly before being served, however, currently I can only say I was hosted in their show and it was pure fun.
The whole thing is in Italian, but after 12:14 or so, you can hear me chatting about Vilnius and Lithuania, talking with an old friend as times never passed by.

Ascolta “#62 – Buongiorno Vilnius – Giovanni dal Brasile dei Paesi Baltici” su Spreaker.<a

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