A Very Nice Vegan Restaurant in Vilnius

Veganism is a big thing and I don’t want to go more in details (not here, not now).

I was surely not searching for that when I bumped into Gyvas Baras.

When I go out for dinner I usually look up for basics. If food is tasty, rich, curious, unforgettable I turn a blind eye on many other things.

It was my first meeting with pure vegan culture (as a mere spectator) and luckily enough we were served by a very nice waiter who introduced us into their gorgeous menu.

I sit in this tiny place, outside, summer is back in Lithuania, drinking this fantastic beer and being served the soy-made burger you see in the image.

We went to the restaurant looking for healthier options for dining out (see the salad as a side dish) but what we found was far beyond the expectations and I went for a portion of their sweet potatoes fries with their homemade cheddar sauce (highly recommended).

I rarely do so but after this incredible experience I went to the kitchen to shake the hand of their chef (a girl I begged to keep doing what she is doing).

This is not just a nice vegan restaurant, this is one within the tastier food I have ever had in Vilnius so far: worth a visit if you are looking for something new and unexpected (here you will find their Facebook page).

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