3 Podcast’s Episodes in 3 Different Languages And Why

Time flies and keep practicing matters when you want to keep up with your skills.

I picked this fantastic book and suddenly realized that my daily use of English and Lithuanian was making me plod with my Italian.

When I end up walking known paths and always trying roads I already know, usually a bell rings inside my head and I understand something should be changed.

The book is still amazing but I decided to read it in Italian and even if I can feel the language used behind the lines, I can still tell stories about the Ancient Rome to my daughter and remember I am Italian.

If you feel the same and are struggling with keeping up with your language skills you may find useful to listen to three cherry-picked podcast episodes I have used to keep up with my key languages (French, English and Italian).


This passion of me may have been highly influenced by the book I am reading about the Ancient Rome, however this podcast’s episode is about a completely different matter, as it describes Leon Trozky’s murder in Mexico, after having passed his last ten years in exile. Franck Ferrand’s jargon is very understandable and you may stick with his daily stories on always completely different history facts.



Have you ever thought about the reason why we eat bananas?
Better, the reason why in Europe we consume an incredible quantity of this very exotic fruits (more than 100 tons of bananas are harvested every year on earth).
You never happened to do so, and so did I. But apparently I bumped into this podcast’s episode, that is fully addressing the issue.


This is not a podcast, this is an Youtube video and probably the most meaningful content I happened to watch in months.
After there is a second part and you may count it as a 40 minutes long podcast episode.
Roberto Mercadini, an Italian actor with an amazing life story and a fantastic Youtube channel (he’s a great story teller).
This video is dedicated to his life story and it’s so unconventional, unexpected and oddly enough common, that you may start, as I did, following his channel.

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