3 Fabulous Songs I Lately Discovered

Let’s put it simple.

I am listening a lot of music during those days and I came to discover those three beautiful songs I wanted to share with all of you.

As for many songs I like, apparently also this one was used in a Woody Allen’s movie (Zelig). Even though the song was originally written and performed by Fats Waller, I enjoy much more this version. I came to discover it listening to a totally random playlist, based on this little beautiful old song, that I discovered to be the West Ham United club anthem.

This song proves that Youtube algorithm is powerful and dangerous.
Based on my previous listenings. Youtube, decided to suggest a song I totally ignored until then. Alone again has immediately stuck to my head and since I cannot get rid of it so easily here it is for you all to be caught.

On the 6th of July, João Gilberto passed away.
He is claimed to be one of the inventor of bossa nova.
Being a jazz lover, I always knew him through the 1964 widely popular album Getz/Gilberto, but somehow I never felt like that direction was worth (and I was wrong).
One of my favourite games, during the last weeks, has been to play Joao Gilberto and sing along, coming often back to the beautiful sad love song above Louco (Crazy).
I started mentally translating lyrics and this helped me falling in love with this song.

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