The Fabulous Story of Mr. TiraMEESOO

Iuri Merlini is an awesome member of Italian Linkedin community.

He is a Telecommunication Engineer (with a Master in Corporate Finance) who spent almost ten years in one of the Big Five (PwC), but this is not the reason why his story is so curious.

Iuri Merlini, together with me and millions of people around the world, is in love with Tiramisù.

Tiramisù unfolds the deepest secret behind all Italian cuisine: keep it simple and home-made.

This is why when you ask 90% of Italians where they had their best Tiramisù, they will surely answer: at my grandma’s house.

One day Iuri had an idea: why can’t we study a way to allow any restaurant on earth to make Italian Grandmas’ tiramisù?

And then he asked himself what would be the situation once you cross the Alps and Italian products are not at hand.

So, Iuri, What is the story behind MESOO?

Analyzing in details the problem, we found out there were two basic problems to be solved: the first regarding the recipe itself (including the quality of the ingredients being used) and the second regarding how to keep the product fresh.
This is how we invented MEESOO, a full-cycle product that allows anyone to make a great Tiramisù without having any knowledge into pastry-making. 
We understood the product was fully functioning, when I took the first prototype at home and my 6 years old daughter made her first Tiramisù on the kitchen’s table!

What was the reaction of people around you when you came out with your idea?

Apart from my family and the closest people, the majority was laughing at the idea. They thought making Tiramisù was easy and that the machine would not have worked.
Apparently, they were wrong.
Making one tiramisù, at home, in Italy, is a different problem than serving more than 100 desserts a day, in a restaurant and make the first one taste like the last: MESOO literally solves this issue!

What are the future plan for MESOO?

Surely growing abroad, developing and positioning our brand. We are in Austria, Switzerland, France, Lebanon and many other countries, but the place we are performing very well at the moment is the thing I’m the most proud: in Italy! Exactly where they know how to make Tiramisù!

I am glad Iuri answered my questions about MEESOO and I hope you will like the story too. If you are into the Horeca business, Iuri will be happy to provide you with more information about this formidable product.

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