This month has always meant something special to me.

In one within the last 29 Septembers:

  • My Erasmus in France started,
  • I’ve taken part to the exam where I was selected to attend my University,
  • My wife arrived to Italy the year we met,
  • I’ve started many time a school year (ok, this is banal)

September has always been a month where something started or changed deep inside of me (my year resolutions usually starts taking place from here).
Yesterday I had a very nice call with an old friend, it was about music, about a crazy idea we had.

But what is more important is that during the last month I did not post anything.

I would not say I regret it, though this broke my long-established habitude of posting once a week and made my think.

Think to turn the blog in something else, something most probably not this visible.

To start all of this a song that makes me think about this special month forno particular reason (nor Green Day, nor Earth Wind&Fire involved)

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