My Biggest Challenge with Lithuanian Language

When I was around ten years old, I loved to sit near my father and watch Italian Political talk shows.

That was a bit weird if not precocious but nothing strange if you think that my grandfather, around the same time, was handing me articles he liked for me to read them loud for his amusement.

With no surprise, almost 10 years later, I was a plain political geek, an activist, a blogger, a journalist.

Things have changed when I decided to climb the Europe map and live in a country where my curiosity finally crashed over a big thick wall, with the following word painted in red color: Lithuanian.

Suddenly I realized I was cut out from one within my favorite amusements and that I had to figure this out.

2019, in this sense, has been a very special year:

  • My Lithuanian, after three challenging years, has finally improved
  • I have the occasion to practice Lithuanian daily and I push myself to do so
  • LRT (Lithuanian Public Broadcaster) started publishing articles in English
  • I found this beautiful podcast I will talk all along this post from now on

Understanding what is going on around me has always been important for me as I think it makes a big part of belonging to this place.
Sometimes, when struggling to be part of a community, coming from an extremely different cultural background, I needed to be nudged and this is what the Lithuanian Dream Podcast meant for me.

Ieva and Ruta, both based in Berlin, probably did not think an Italian guy living in Vilnius could appreciate their craft but here it is: Lithuanian Dream Podcast offers a window on the world of Lithuanian contemporary society of the highest quality.

The whole content is delivered through what is considered to be European Lingua Franca and my guess is that this is meant to be more than just reaching a wider audience.

I have particularly enjoyed this episode with Linas Kojala, the Director of Eastern Europe Studies Centre and I hope it will be the first of many occasions to revive my wish to get to know better this beautiful crazy language.

If you want to check this out, connect with the Lithuanian Dream Podcast on Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify or Apple Podcast, and keep following Baol’s posts here!

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