2019, 2020

I was chatting with Tomas Laurinavicius when this article popped up, almost in this shape.

During 2019 many remarkable things occurred to me.

Some surely more remarkable than others, however I would like to check this page one year from now and read through it carefully.

Sometimes we tend to ignore our current situation, everything seems to be taken for granted and we have already forgot the toy we have been playing just some minutes ago, the one that made our eyes shine.

So, let’s start this game.


– I became father (and I love writing this, as I love hearing this, not as much as I love being one),
– I opened the closet and dressed with my best self (and I’ve done it plenty of days),
– I have steered the boat of my life exactly where I want to go, I am constantly adjusting my sails but the direction is set and I am headed there,
– I managed to spend a lot of time with my family in a special moment,
– I’ve read 20 books, a lot more than 2017, and I achieved the goal I had fixed, possibly not in the simplest year. Here one within the best book I read (it’s still an ongoing process so this should end in the 2020’s bucket).
– I’ve written, produced and shot a short movie together with a crew made by the same crazy wonderful people that made this with me eons ago,
– I’ve started working on (it makes me smile while writing) a new album.

A lot of I, but surely plenty of We in this magical to-do list.

Hope the future 2021 Giovanni will read this and smile.

Have you all a fantastic year, folks.

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