One Powerful Idea from Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

A special kind of inner joy gets released when you connect with new ideas.

This is why when I found myself not only marking certain passages but even writing enthusiastic comments aside I decided I would lately write about this joyful and creative book about sales (thanks Aivaras Rastenis for having introduced me to these ideas).

Predictable Revenue, much like Challenger Sale, is a book about sales organization.

In 2001 after having been the CEO at LeaseExchange, Aaron Ross decides to join Salesforce, where he gets the freedom to redesign the sales pipeline and boost revenue. A new model is born, based on unconventional thinking and still part of nowadays Salesforce formula for success.

Predictable Revenue is a collection of aha moments, though some ideas are more equal than others: this is why I think the next one it’s worth considering for every business owner overseeing a sales organization.

Schermata 2020-04-25 alle 11.25.36

Two activities are keeping your sales force busy: prospecting and selling. That means that all your sales manager are prospecting (AKA understanding whether your company and products fit with the customers) and just after selling.

The first activity is time consuming and not immediately revenue-generating as the second is and here is where a powerful word comes in: specialization.

What if you could build in your organization a lead generating machine for the Account Executives to solely close deals?

There are many other ideas scattered around this joyful book but this one is brilliant and could have a great impact on every sales organization: this is why I am going to place it here for everybody to be inspired by it.

Almost one month ago a new beautiful professional adventure has started for me, at Interactio, where together with some very bright minds, we are working at improving the way we all understand each other on planet earth. It is indeed an ambitious goal and one that I am honored to serve. Baol is about Vilnius and my professional journey.  If you have enjoyed the article, Follow Baol on Facebook or Linkedin and  remember about the trip to Mars we are working on! 



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