On Black Swans and Emotions: A Different View on Negotiation

Sometimes books are simply waiting for you to open them.

I thought Never Split the Difference would strengthen my negotiation skills.

What I could not expect is that it would change the whole framework I was using to look at the topic.

The man in the street thinks negotiation is this muscular game where one gets inevitably hurt.

Alternatively one could look at it as playing chess: having a strategy with an eye on the rule book, following precise steps, ultimately being able to rely on a very neat framework where everything is set.

In Never Split the Difference things simply go differently.

Emotions and humanity are the ground where a new way to look at negotiation is to be found.

The book is controversial, surprising and absolutely different from anything you may have heard about negotiation.

It includes a variety of examples and ideas born in a very complex environment that are still valid for all of us.

One concept I found particularly useful is the one Chris refers to as the Black Swan.

Until 1697 no European man had ever seen a black swan, so that the expression was commonly used as a metaphor to define something impossible.

Black Swans are extremely revealing (though well-hidden) pieces of information that could have overwhelming effects if revealed.

They silently stand behind the scenes and could be unimportant to any of the parts involved until they are made public and everything changes.

It is about the unrelated, apparently unimportant details that could help framing the conversation in a completely different way.

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