Who’s Baol?

“If times do not demand the best of you, invent other times” Baol

In Italy, for almost 3 years I worked at a local newspaper both as a journalist and a copywriter.

In 2008 I opened a blog on WordPress, involved several friends and created something I later discovered to be a community (the blog lasted until 2015 and had a peak of 3K visitors per month in his golden period, not bad if I think about the audience at that time).

In 2015 I discovered two new things: Lithuania and International Marketing.

I attended a one year master course on the latter, in Rome, held by the Italian National Trade Agency, visited Dubai and worked for almost one year at Alfa Forni boosting B2B sales into a given segment into the French speaking market (it was the second time in France after my Erasmus and once again in Provence!).

I moved to Lithuania in January 2017 and from March I started working for Barclays, in HR, together with the Italian Branch of the Bank. During September 2017 I followed a service transition project end-to-end, in Milan.

In 2018 I renewed an old apartment and moved into it together with my fantastic Lithuanian wife (meanwhile I also married her, in Italy, in our favorite place).

I am Italian, I live in Lithuania, I am a mini polyglot (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Lithuanian for the moment) and if you will find anything interesting you would like to discuss with me, you can find me on FacebookLinkedin or send me an email at prtg.blog@gmail.com